Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Chapter 2 Alpha 0.97 Patreon release / Chapter 2 Alpha 0.95 public release

Alpha 0.97 upgrades:

· Fixed the bug which made some items move or not be able to be positioned on some slots.
· Added pop-up to explain you need empty vessels to contain more spirit essences when you don't have any empty.
· Rala's shop only appears during full daylight (needs an event for night/morning/evening).
· Now you can create objects in the lab.
· You can craft about 20 items with the night ingredients and it's descriptions (Doesn't work yet because most of them will be used in combat but we have 30 more prepared to be added. We have to add an extra bag because if we add all objects now the inventory would be too small and give errors).
· Now you can properly train Rala, using experience for it and levelling her up. · You can give gifts to Rala to make the friendship between Rala and Elana grow and be able to train her further (but after first level nothing more changes because next levels will be related with combat).
· Once you have levelled up Ralla you can use her with the villagers.
· 2 animations of Rala added. · Now Elana can do tribadism with the villagers. 2 animations added for it.
· Added one event in the cloning room in the academy.
· Now Elana can craft spirits in the cloning room with the spirit essences (the images of the spirits will appear but they can't be used yet. We have the objects that will appear in the inventory but they are not implemented yet because of the problem of the lack of space in the inventory).
· Added 3 observing events in the beach.
· Added 13 observing events in the houses.
· Added 2 observing events in the farms.
· Added 1 observing event in the forest.
· Added 3 images to the beach.
· Added 4 images to the houses.
· Added 1 animation to the houses (needs to be triggered).
· Added 2 animations to the farms.
· Added 5 images to the forest.
· Gallery updated.

Alpha 0.95 upgrades:


  1. I may be mistaken, but the public alpha seems to be 0.92 and what you said was uploaded was 0.95. The only difference i can see is no Scylla scene at the academy

    1. Scylla should appear. Actually it's the 0.95 but this version was just a hotfix of the 0.92

  2. With what program can i run the game from my pc?

    1. Adobe flash player installed on an internet browser (better with google chrome.

  3. Sorry for asking this but is there anything like guide where would be detailed info which areas should be done. I have Forest, Houses , Market , Church(there were no events during area progress) done , get ring and stone from academy . Tried to explore every other places included that renegade village and elf city and just have there nothing to do. After tried relog , I was no longer able to use Rala. Didn't get to any way of crafting. Also didn't find any way to perform Tribadism . Yes I'm actually talking about 0.97version. Sorry for wall of text but these are my actual problems :o

    1. To craft items you have to go to the renegades villagers during night and find the amulet of spectral vision to see the ingredients during night, then if you have the archmage sigil you'll be allowed to use the lab to craft items, but they doesn't do nothing yet. About tribadism is the same skill as fuck but with women and about the Rala skill disappearing is a bug.

      The closer you'll find like a guide is the descriptions of the alphas published.

  4. Hmm, did you guys remove the input box for debug commands for users?

    1. Changed. It's well explained in our patrons posts.

  5. Sorry but I have a question, were can I download the latest update of chapter 1, I can't find it anywhere