Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Holy Belle and queen and king exclusives

We are starting to publish the new exclusives. This months, since we started this new way to work on day 13 we’ll publish a little less than we said. We are going to publish 5 exclusives, all 5 available for +10$ patrons, 3 for 5$ patrons and 1 for 1$ patrons.
About this two, top one is available fro +5$ patrons and bottom one for +10$patrons.

All this images will be included in the game when it reaches beta stage.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Setek and Hulbert

Elana: Ah...! Oh... Some more peace guards. Okey, I don't have all day. Who wants to "come" first? Hum? Wait... Wait a minute... Oh shit... Oh shit... OH SHIT!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Aly and Lily action with females

Animation already available in early access for our $10+ patrons.

Battle sketch!

Theme: Special “cock”tail
Next battles:

· Threesome with girl in the middle and the dudes on each end holding her up. 
· Slutty girlfriend double penetration.
· Pegging.
· Mind control. 
· Sexy girl with water slimes.
· Queen and her male harem.  
· Double anal for big breasted school teacher.
Note: Some of the ideas could be modified.
Which one do you think is the winner? Top one from Xanazz, middle one from U53ful 1d1o7 or bottom one, from Root?

Our patrons can propose themes for future battles.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Aly and Lily action with males animation

Animation already available in early access for our $10+ patrons.

Monday, November 13, 2017

New operating routine

With a 83% of the votes the option to change our work routine has won.

We know the 83% of the times people say 83% in a static, that 83% is a lie but this time it's true.
Here is a little recap of what we'll do from now on.

Root we'll keep working on the regular images of the game and Xanazz and U53ful 1d1o7 will work on exclusives arts that will be distributed between our patreon tiers and battle sketches.

· 1$ tier will receive 1 exclusive art from Xanazz and 1 from U53ful 1d1o7 per month.
· 5$ tier will receive 2 exclusive arts from Xanazz and 2 from U53ful 1d1o7 per month.
· +10$ tiers will receive 3 exclusives arts from Xanazz, 3 from U53ful 1d1ot and 2 from Root (some months 1 of Root's exclusive art could be an sketch comic.
· We'll publicly release the sketch battle for everyone. 5 per month, with one sketch from Xanazz, U53ful 1d1o7 and Root (15 images month).

This are approximate numbers and could vary a little.

All this work will not only be rewards for patrons, once Chapter 2 reaches Beta stage, all this material will be included in the game. Exclusive arts (except the ones from Root) will turn into rewards for levelling up villagers, sketch comics will turn into rewards for levelling up areas and the sketches from battle sketches will turn into cards for an in-game card game.

We think this is going to be a good change for the project and we hope that, with time and work, we'll be able to convince everyone.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

New sketch comic!

Tales from the island 2: Seafood (15 pages)
Starring Scylla and… A snack men…?

Available for our $10+ patrons (it will be included in the game but not soon)

Friday, November 3, 2017

Alpha 1.3.6 of Chapter 2 for patrons/ Alpha 1.3.3 public release

  This time on date! Fast, ask a wish!  

Updates of alpha 1.3.6:
· Added new original soundtracks (5), by Tomas Polcic · Fixed environment sound during night.
· Fixed some issues with Tina.
· Added some SFX.
· Adjusted spirits menu.
· New influence system (You'll find a question mark button in the map screen which explains it). Now the system is more rewarding fulfilling the villagers tastes and making it more easy to advance.
· Fixed a bug in the stealing minigame.
· Fixed minor issues with the training buttons and jail.
· Removed armour bar from the spirit of envy during combat.
· Added 15 observing events in the castle.
· Added 14 observing events in the church.
· Added 7 images and 2 animations for observing events in the castle.
· Added 8 images for observing events in the church.
· Added 2 images for observing events in the forest.
· Added 2 images for observing events in the market.
· Added 2  images for observing events in the tavern.
· Added 1  image for observing events in the farms.   
· Added 3 images for night event.
· Gallery updated.
· May contain traces of nuts.  Alpha 1.3.3 public release: 

To do list

Some of you may wonder and some of you already asked... What is left on chapter 2?

So here is a rough list of the big blocks left on chapter two and a rough description of what you can expect on every alpha.

Blocks of chapter 2 left:
· Castle
· Church
· Academy
· Hot springs
· More beach
· Castle archives.
· Training area.
· Room in the church.
· Crypt.
· Blacksmith.
· The seer.
· Church of Elana.
· Tavern managing.
· Night events (triple?).
· Sleep/dream events
· Under the sea (still a lot to think about this).
· More elven events (more or less the double).
· Wild people.
· Renegades arena.
· Renegades military camp.
· Demon's war.
· Demon's dimension.
· Finish spirits.
· Finish objects.
· Card game.
· Mage boss.
· Priest boss.
· Warrior boss.
· Demon boss.
· Aly and Lily (not real sisters by the way, no one is relative to any one in this island of clones).
· Loola.
· King and Queen.
· Archmage.
· Holy Belle.
· Jenara.
· Morrow.
· Some more of Scylla.
· Jane.
· Ending.

What can you expect of a month/month and a half alpha?

Every alpha will have, more or less 2-4 points of this lists, 5,000 to 15,000 word for events, 15 to 30 images and 2 to 4 animations.

Even so coding, writing and drawing it's not an exact science. Some of the blocks of the list could take a full month of work and some, because of story matters can't be fully finished in the same release. We also work on events from the polls, reward events and, even working to publish regular updates, all the work we do can't always be reflected on the monthly alpha.

Some of the points could disappear or change during the development.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Business dinner

Animation already available in early access for our $10+ patrons.


Uncensored image added for $10+ patrons and one old exclusive art it's been added to the "Old exclusive art released" section.


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The governess

Animation already available in early access for our $10+ patrons.

Monday, October 30, 2017

New Knot Games operating routine poll on patreon

We've been thinking a lot about our operating routine on Knot Games and we are thinking about to change it. Since this is an important decision we would like to ask our patrons if they would be okay with it but also share what we are thinking with everyone and listen to your opinions and suggestions if you want to share them with us. Even so, it would be a testing period so, if we decide to change into to the new way of working and we see it's not working well, we could always change back.

 We know that some of you don't like us to mix different art styles in the game. We've been working on matching the styles but, despite of  making  progress in this way, it seems we are not achieving it. Also Xanazz, because of personal matters, has started working by commisions with us (like U53ful 1d1o7), instead working day by day in our office. This makes more difficult to adjust the images and either we wanted or not, the workflow it's not the same.  
Because of this, we've though of a way to keep including content to the game, while rewarding supporters and not mixing art styles in the development of the game (art already done will stay but from now on, if the pool succeeds, only Root will be working on the game's regular art).  
Also, to compensate that the artists doesn't work on the regular development of the game, Berserk will increase his work hours and also his tasks on the project to help Knot and Root work faster.

How would we do this?

Xannazz and U53ful 1d1o7 would do 3 exclusive arts and 5 battle sketch (of 1-2 hours per sketch) each one, per month (aside of some UI modelling as icons, menus, ragdolls...).  

Root will keep doing 2 exclusive arts with the polls or sketch comics and he will also do 5 sketch battles.

This arts and sketches will be distributed between the tiers.

For example, 1$ tier will receive 1 exclusive art from Xanazz and one from  U53ful 1d1o7, 5$ tier will receive 2 exclusive art from Xanazz and 2 from  U53ful 1d1o7 and +10$ tiers will receive 3 exclusive art from Xanazz and 3 from  U53ful 1d1o7 and 2 exclusive arts or sketch comics from Root. Sketch battles will be public for everyone but we'll only accept suggestions for next sketch battles from patrons.  

All this work will be part of the game too.

We were planning a reward image every time a villager is fully influenced to make it more rewarding. We already have a couple of images on this direction (preview):

Still we're also working to make the mechanics on the villager's influence more fluent.

Once Chapter 2 reaches Beta stage, we'll use all this exclusive arts from Xanazz and  U53ful 1d1o7 as this reward images once the villagers are fully influenced (Since those in-game images from U53ful 1d1o7 and Xanazz will be exclusive arts, they'll be much more accurated and polished than this 2 preview images). Also the sketch comics will be the reward of a completed area, creating a large and assorted gallery in-game, yet not affecting the regular art of the game.
About the sketch battles images, those who've been following us for some time know that we've been planning or a least thinking about including a card game inside Elana, Champion of Lust.

This sketch would be used for the cards of this game and, since we would have three different art styles for similar scenes, opening the possibility of doing a game with three different kind of decks and making it more interesting.  

Monday, October 23, 2017

New music

For some time, we've been working with the awesome composer Tomas Polcic to make music specially for the game and now we can announce it's ready and being implemented to the game.

You can find some of his awesome work here:

Hope you'll like his work for the game as much as we do ^^

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What is going on during night?

 $5+ patrons already know it because this idea comes from a discussion post of this tier and patrons who have already played the last version can suspect it.

Patrons and other people been asking us a lot to add more fetishes like furry, futa, tentacles… But lot other people asked us to not do it because they already liked the direction of the game.

After this discussion in the $5+ tier we decided to implement a way to try to have everyone happy.

During night, not always but often, some more fetishes will appear. This events will also have a warning text with the option to leave so those people who wants to avoid this events can do it. Warnings like, “There is a poster with the text Furry club. Should Elana enter? yes/no” or “There is  a woman with a huge bulge in her panties. Should Elana go talk to her? yes/no. 

Hope you are having a great week! 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


"So... You have returned"

Monday, October 16, 2017

Side story sketch comics

Ok, sketch comic will be a thing. After asking our $10+ patrons if it could be a good reward (as always done out of the regular work time of the project), some of them told us this could also be a good thing to be included in the game and, after think about it, we agree.

So, once in a while but not in a regular term (for example, not necessary once every month or every two months), we'll publish this comics as rewards for $10+ patrons but after some time or once the chapter is finished, we'll include this side story comics in the game to be unlocked.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Comic series?

Yesterday Root was doing a couple of sketches that ended up being a side comic of the story of Elana, Champion of lust. 

It’s been fully published for our $10+ patrons, but it you have interest on it, we warn you, it’s an sketch short comic (9 pages) and if any time we do more it will stay this way, short and sketched because it will be work aside of the project during our free time.

Here is a little preview.

Tales from the island 1: Large magic.

“These two students from the academy don’t know yet but they have formed one of the first romantic couples on the island in thousands of years.

The other day, since the archmage is no longer in the academy, one of them found an interesting  spell in his office. This night she’s decided to test it…"

Fan art section

Opening fan art section!

You ever felt like drawing something related with Elana, Champion of lust?

If you did or think on doing it... Tell us! We love fan art and we'll publish it here and in our Tumblr.

Opening section with this two amazing arts (we've seen a couple more but we didn't been able to find them again :S if you are one of the artist of it and you want us to publish it tell us and we'll be very happy to do it ^^)

Elana champion of lust FA
By themightyCaolf

¡VIVA LA REVOLUCION! (Champion of lust)
                                                  by Luigitheman20 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Happy Halloween!

Villager: But… But you said trick or treat… And I gave you candies…
Rala: *SLURP* *GLUP* Raisins are not candies! You sick crook! These Werewolf seem satisfied to you with your “candies”?! *SLURP*
Lily:  I’m not satisfied! I’m a good girl!
Aly: I… Am… NOT! YUM!
Villager: AGHh! Careful!
Kaeryn: Enough complains. We gave you a choice. You chose. Now you pay.
Jane: Could you… Could you at least close the curtains?
Rala: *SLURP* Oh! Cut the shit, fake witch! Standing there with your prudery. You are looking forward to join but you have to stand there giving the speech to feel superior or something. Join or leave.

Elana: Leave her alone, Rala. You know she’s shy. Maybe she just want to watch and masturbate. And you! What’s wrong? Shall we stop or what?

Villager: Um… Well… The thing is… No… But you said trick or treat and…

Elana: THEN SHUT UP MORTAL! Your essence now belongs to me and I’ll make sure to suck every last drop of it! MUHUHAHAHA!

Knot Games team wish you unsuspected, healthy, happy and very dirty porn situations this Halloween.

Have a happy Halloween!
(We know it’s a little early but you know how this things works this days. We could be wishing merry christmas and it would be late for some people :P)

Monday, October 9, 2017

Exclusive arts

This time with an extra from Xanazz.  
Uncensored image added for $10+ patrons and one old exclusive art it's been added to the "Old exclusive art released" section.     "You must prove your value if you want to be part of the pack"   

"So... Little mortal... You came looking for a treasure?"

Characters Poll

We just opened a poll for our patrons to know what characters they like most. Even so, we would like to have as much information as we can so we are asking to you too ^^

Which 3 characters do you like the most? You can explain why if you want but also comment about other characters not listed.

From left to right, top to bottom: Small Elana, Big Elana, Rala, Tina, Aly and Lily, Loola, Jane, Aroliana, Rick, Kaeryn, Wet pussy girl, Holy Belle, Scylla, Jenara, Allor, Morrow, Alphara and Omegara, Ulena, Hanna, Alaina and Florala.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Alpha 1.3.3 and alpha 1.2 for patrons

Alpha 1.3.3:


· Now if there is no one imprisoned the event of the guard will not appear in the prison. 

· Now will not appear empty pages when you try to release the villagers from prison.
· Now the health and magic potions in combat will be the same you have in your inventory. 
· Added about 80 sounds. 
· Fixed image when you enter the warehouse of the renegades village during night.
· Now Rala will give you the amulet to see the magic ingredients and spirit essences and a flask to catch this essences (you’ll also be able to buy it in the warehouse of the renegades village). 
· Now when you craft spirits it will appear a short text event with their image. 
· Now Rala’s and Kaeryn’s trainings will work with a multiple choice dialogue instead of an arrow. 
· Now spirits health points will stay the same they end the fights. 
· Added spirit inventory menu where you can choose their position during fights and heal them using one of their spirit essences.
· Now spirits can be summoned and replaced in combat, counting as one of Elana’s turns. 
· Fixed some of the aegis of stallos block action synergies.
· Now you can create the spirit of happiness and use her in combat (3 attacks and 4 images). 
· You can create the spirit of envy and use her in combat after you finish her events (3 attacks and 3 images in combat).
· Added 8 events for Tina with 9 images
· Once finished Tina’s events, you’ll be able to train her (3 images)
· Once finished Tina’s events you’ll be able to work in the influence fields to earn money. 
· Added minigame during Tina’s events (with a half animation ending). · Once Tina is trained you’ll be able to use her with the villagers (2 animations).
· Now you’ll be able to use Tina during combat (2 attacks with 2 half animations). 
· Added small addition in the first morphic fairy event in the farms. This event will allow Elana to return to the fairies hive with her sisters.
· Added fairies hive with 5-10 events (some can be seen again to find new images) with 20 images 
· Added outdoor events during night.
· Added chain of events of envy spirit. When you see an special event in the fairies hive, if you had created the spirit of envy or, when you create the spirit of envy if you have seen the event in the fairies hive, an event will appear opening a chain of events during night with 6 more events  (7 images added.
· Added 2 events for Wet Pussy Girl during night (2 images and 1 animation).
· Added 6 guards events during night (1 image)
· Added 4 furry club events during night. 
· Added 2 images in the farms.
· Added 1 image in the male elves village.
· Added 1 image in the tavern.
· Added 5 images in the square.
· Added 1 image in the market. 

Alpha 1.2 for android:
This is not just the 1.2 version. Aside the content of the 1.2 ( by and large, forest, farms, square, houses, tavern, market, renegades village, female elven city, male elven village, Rala, Kaeryn, Scylla, combat and spirit crafting among others) it also has some of the mechanic updates of the 1.3.3, such as new sounds, spirit of happiness and envy and the fairy village (not all the content).
Also there is a bug/malfunction when picking up items from the inventory and to move them for selling them. In order to sell the items in Rala’s shop you have to pick them and tap on the last column of squares from Rala’s inventory.